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The following testimonials were taken from oral conversations with Gary Osbrey from WINY Radio and used in the Johnston  & Associates Real Estate radio advertising.  We’d like to sincerely thank our clients for their candid, unsolicited remarks.



“Rachael had sold our daughters house to her so when we decided we were selling our house, our daughter Rachel suggested that we use Rachael Johnston. What impressed me the most was that she made us feel that we were her only client. We spent many, many hours together because our house sold within three weeks and we had no where to go. Rachael spent what seemed to us like all of her waking hours showing us houses. We must have looked at thirty or forty houses! She was very specific about what we would look at. She didn’t waste our time with things we wouldn’t like. It got to be like a real “friend thing” and we enjoyed spending time with her and she enjoyed us. When we finally found the right house we just knew it. Johnston and Associates made my dreams come true.”                                                                                        Monica Boudreau



 “We wanted an older house with a lot of land and one day out of the clear blue, she called us and said, “Hey, I found this house. It’s not exactly what you had in mind, but I think it will fit you perfectly.” Then as soon as I pulled up the driveway I just knew that was our house. The next day I brought my husband Chuck out there, put a deposit on it, and two days later she sold our condo to a client she had in mind. She made it so easy for us - it was all done within 48 hours. Two months later, Vincent arrived.  We had the closing in the hospital the day after he was born and then we moved in 5 days later. We love it! It’s absolutely beautiful. She didn’t miss a trick. She had everything coordinated and everything was taken care of. I didn’t think it would be possible for us to be in a house right now. Johnston and Associates made my dreams come true.”

                                                Michelle Bourgeois




“Rachael is so easy to work with. When I started looking at houses with her I had a very difficult schedule because I have two young children so I had to work in between. It was just like going to see houses with somebody I knew my entire life. She was very comfortable to deal with. You never had a problem asking her a question. You always felt very at ease with her. She always had everything well organized and she makes the whole process from the first visit to the house to the closing very, very comfortable. It always seems like the woman never stops working. She called me at 8 o’clock at night and said, “by the way I found this I think you might want to look at it” and that wound up being our home that we’re living in now. Johnston and Associates made my dreams come true.”

                                                Heidi Ferraro


“I’ve known Rachael for about 20 years. She helped us to sell a home in Woodstock and after we sold the home in Woodstock to purchase a brand new home in Dudley. Rachael helped us to find a new home to move into and found us buyers for the home we were selling. On our closing day, the people that were purchasing the home from us decided that they did not want to purchase the home and backed out. At that time, Rachael stuck by us and started going out and trying to find new clients to come in. Finally, she found a buyer; we sold the home, and moved into our new home. She kept us right up to date and let us know what was happening. She’s upright and honest and she’ll do the best she can to try to help you. Johnston and Associates made our dreams come true.”

                                                Paul Andrezweski



“After 3 years in our house, we still talk fondly about our experience with Rachael. There were none of the hassles I hear friends complaining about, no fast minute changes, no delays. It really helped that Rachael knew our town and its various villages. She was able to pinpoint locations that we would like . When we decide to downsize we’ll definitely go with the agency. Johnston and Associates made our dreams come true.”

                                                Gary and Dianne Bessette



“Over the past year she has sold one speculation house for us, a piece of land that closed recently, and she has another speculation house that’s up for sale right now. It’s been like a good working partnership; she returns phone calls, which is something I like a lot. She’s very quick to answer stuff and if she doesn’t know it she’ll go and figure it out and get back to me right away. She won’t disappear for a week at a time. I recommend Rachael almost on a daily basis. Johnston and Associates has become a valuable business partner in our speculation ventures.”

                                                Jasen Cusson-Malone

                                                Owner, Coastal Construction LLC



“Last year we hired Rachael to sell our property in Woodstock. It was a unique property so I knew it was going to be a little difficult. She stepped up to the plate and got us someone in within 3 weeks after we had signed the contract with her. A day and a half before the sale, the person backed out for personal reasons and then again Rachael came in and got us another buyer and sold our house. Now we are able to build our retirement home in Woodstock. She was very accommodating, very understandable, diligent, even the associates she has are very prompt in returning their calls. I mean she’s “Johnny on the Spot”- when you have a question, she gets the answer for you and calls you back as soon as possible. I would say Rachael is the best person for the job. Rachael and her associates are exceptional in the field. Johnston and Associates made my dreams come true.”

                                                Linda Duffy




Todd: “We were looking to relocate from the Worcester area to Northeast Connecticut. and had seen a listing that we were interested in.”

Elaine: “Well, we first called and made an appointment with Rachael to see a Salt Box. She met us there and I really liked her because you know what? She laughed with us.”

Todd: “She was very attentive to us, got back to us. When we were looking on the listing system we would come back to our house everyday and have 15 or 20 listings sitting there that we could look over.”

Elaine: “She had the patience to listen to us, and she came to our house one time just so she could see where we were coming from which we thought would help her.

Todd: “She found out exactly what we were looking for after seeing our house.”

Elaine: “We loved her, we really did, I mean she gives a 100%”

Todd & Elaine: “Johnston and Associates made our dreams come true.”

                                                Tod & Elaine Lind




“My wife and I owned a couple pieces of land here in Putnam and Rachael helped us out. Rachael gave us some good advice and told me what she thought. She listed the lots for us and the first lot sold within 2 weeks. We ended up selling the second lot and we got full price for it 2 days later. What Rachael did that impressed me was she didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, she told me the truth. We got what she told us we could get for the land. Rachael did a good job for us and she was very honest. You have to deal with a professional that knows what they are doing. We were very proud to have her as our real estate agent. Johnston and Associates made our dreams come true.”

                                                Jim Mahoney




“I bought a new house in Putnam. I had to sell a condo to buy the house so I had Angie list my house. She did a wonderful job, absolutely wonderful. She was the best, actually. She just went out of her way - just was always there, I mean, I got pretty persistent at times calling her and finding out what was going on and she never once got annoyed with me calling. She was more like a friend than an agent. I had initially scheduled people to help me move and they were unavailable and Angie came over, with boxes. She helped me move! It was incredible. She’s great and I would definitely recommend her. If I had to sell another house I’d go with Angie. Johnston and Associates made our dreams come true.”

                                                Gail Parent


“We decided to go ahead and sell our house and she came over so we could sign the papers that we needed to sign. At 4:30 that afternoon, I think it was a Wednesday, we put the sign up in front of the house and by 10:30 the following morning we had our buyer! Working with Rachael was like working with an old friend. She just makes you feel real comfortable. She was always, always available to us anytime I called her and she was willing to answer questions that I had. There were a lot of things that I had questions about and I was calling on a daily basis. She never would get frustrated, she never avoided my phone calls, she was just there for us all the time. If you’re looking at Rachael Johnston, without a doubt, don’t even hesitate, don’t questions whether you should do it or not because she is that good. Johnston and Associates made our home dreams come true.”

                                                Bob Savary



We came up from Florida for a vacation and we talked about moving back home to Connecticut. We started looking for homes around the area and we found a home out in Thompson that we were interested in and we called Angela. Angela come through for us, she showed us a couple of homes, we put a deposit on a house and it went well you know it took a little while cause the house we had in Florida, when we put it under contract it was hurricane season. The year before we had four of them hit us but our house finally sold two days before Christmas so that was kind a Christmas present for us and we bought a nice home on O’Leary Rd. Angela has been unbelievable helpful from everything from helping us with getting our kids in school to daycare to being a friend, she’s a super person and we love her. Johnston and Associates made our dreams come true.

                                              Tom Sheenan 


Rachael is extremely unique because cause she is considerably patient. She explained every detail from the beginning of the sale to the end of the sale. She paid attention to all the little things that most people would probably overlook in order to sell it quickly and she was calling and checking on me, letting me know where things we at. She was detailed, there was an issue with my house since it was older there had to be some insulation added in the attic and in the basement. Rachael and her husband, and myself all went over and we insulated the attic. She always does the extras to make it more comfortable and to help you out and get things done on time. Johnston and Associates certainly made my dreams come true.

                                              Heather LaFleur 

 I have lived in Thompson for a little over 5 years, I rented before and then I decided to buy my own home. I saw this house and even though I thought it was beyond my own reach, financially, I saw the sign Johnston and Associates and called Rachael and she suggested I come see the house and I fell in love with the house. The more I saw, the more I thought it was not what I could afford and I told her I apologize for taking up her time but I really couldn’t afford something like this but it is wonderful. She said well, let’s see what we can do. It’s a simple as that she made it happen. Within hours she said we could work something out and it happened. Through it all she was gracious, she was professional, and yet I felt that personal touch. She was just wonderful. Johnston and Associates made my dream come true.

                                              Asiah Sorlin


My sister sold her home, and because she had such a great experience with my sister that’s why I decided to go with Rachael. It was an urgency situation for me because the new owners that bought my sisters home were pressuring me to move out so I pretty much put the pressure on Rachael to say I need to get into this place in 30 days and we did it. Rachael just goes the extra mile; she’s just one of those type of people that follows up on all of what your concerns are. She’s been a great, great friend and that’s what it is, she makes a friendship out of this whole relationship with buying or selling a place. It didn’t matter what time of day, if I made a phone call to Rachael and left a message for her she would call me right back. It’s like a 24:7 career for her. Johnston and Associates made my dream come true.

                                             Valerie Strunk


Tom: “I talked with Rachael, I had my mom’s house to sell and Rachael just did a nice job.”

Mary Alice: “She helped us every step of the way, I’d really never sold a house before and she gave me hints on how to make the house look good and what we could do to make it more sellable.”

Tom: “She’s very confident, she knows the market, she knows the area, and the house sold within two months.”

Mary Alice: “Her friendliness and her warmth really came through and her ability to do what she does is wonderful too.”

Tom: “The advertising was very good, she used print material plus she uses the radio and it works very well”.

Mary Alice: “Selling a house is not a big ordeal with Rachael, it’s easy. One thing that really impressed me about Rachael is she’s so trustworthy. She’s good at what she doesn’t, she will never steer you wrong, she’s excellent.”

Tom & Mary Alice: “Johnston and Associates made our dreams come true.”

                                       Tom & Mary Alice Ray 



(regarding her experience with Tor Hansen)

“He was always very professional but never made us feel pressured to buy anything. I really liked that about him. He was very attentive to detail. He would always do all the leg work for us especially during the closing to make sure all of the pieces were in place, to make sure that the closing was on time. He really makes you feel comfortable with asking questions and being very honest, very professional. I would say that they genuinely care about what is best for you. Johnston & Associates made my dream come true.

                                        Michelle Reis 


“First of all, Rachael came very highly recommended. We came to meet with her and spent the day looking at houses on the internet. We had given her specific things that we wanted in a new home and she spent a lot of time with us. We came back the next day and she spent the whole day with us taking us all around the area in the homes that we had picked out. She was dedicated to us for two solid days right from the start. After us not having much luck with what was already there on the market for sale, she decided that it would probably be wise for us to meet with Doug Porter (Woodstock Building Associates) to build a house. From that moment on, everything just sort of fell into place for us to be able to do this. She cares about her clients and that she certainly is looking out for their best interest. Johnston & Associates made my dream come true.”

                                        Dee Carnahan 


“My experience was from a seller’s point of view. Rachael has done a couple of sales for us-some  properties that I had on this little subdivision. She marketed them fully, had all the ads and she got results. We sold everything right away. I would think in this day and age  with what I do with my business, professionalism really has to ring out. She did everything she ever said she would do. She called when she said she was going to, certainly met people, sold everything I needed sold. She’s just an honest real estate broker. She’s somebody that you would want to deal with who’s going to deal in your better interest and very professional. Johnston & Associates made all of my dreams come true.”

                                         Fran Knapik


I think the thing that has amazed me so much about the way she handles her job is that she just takes each person that she is working with and it is almost like that is her only client that she is working with that is her only customer. You know I think the thing that I hear the most is that they are so comfortable with her. Almost to the point to where people that have dealt with her, when the transaction is over they didn’t deal with a real estate agent they created a new friendship and Rachael created a new friendship. I cant tell you how many people I run into and that’s kind of their reaction and I just love your wife, I just love the people at your wives office and their always so friendly and accommodating so there’s a real relationship I think that’s almost born by each and every person that she works with. I’ve seen it over and over again, Rachael goes out of her way to make peoples dreams come true.

                                Former State Representative, Shawn Johnston 


Dear Johnston & Associates,

We want to personally thank you for the outstanding job your real estate office did for us on our recent purchase.  This is our second multi-family and it was a smooth transaction thanks to you.  Angela was there for us anytime we needed her.  She handled all of our needs with a courteous and professional manner.  This is just our second multi-family and there will be more to come in the future.  We will absolutely call Johnston & Associates Real Estate for our next property!.

                                                                                                                  Sincerely,                                                                                                                               Miguel & Tara Morales


I have looked for houses in the past but never felt like I could trust the people working with me to look out for my best interests rather than their own agenda. This was totally not my experience working with Ryan Lajoie. Right from the first day we met at the house I could tell I liked him and I felt like he was knowledgeable and trustworthy. I cant begin to express how important those qualities are in someone who is helping another person to buy their first home. I am almost surprised at how smoothly the whole thing went and how little anxiety I experienced during the time.


                                   Rebecca Kritzer


 “I put my house on the market about 2 weeks before the big real estate market crash last summer and Rachael really stuck with me through what was a harrowing time. She kept me informed all along the way and did a great job of keeping me informed of all the choices I could make so I felt supported and empowered. She was very creative with different marketing tools and changing her technique based on my feedback. She just went over and above with helping me work with contractors and having someone there when they came to do the work and really filling in gaps that I don’t think of as just being a Realtor. I was going through a big transition and she was always there to help me, she wasn’t just a Realtor. I do not think she could have done a better job. Johnston and Associates made my dreams come true.”


                                 Tracy Harrison


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